And we’re back…

So, if you follow me and you’re getting this – howdy!  Hope you’ve been well.  I’m sorry there was a sudden drop and long hiatus.  A lot of things happened in very quick succession.

First, I got divorced and during that whole ordeal I had to move my little one and myself to my parents house.

Second, after a few weeks of crying every night, I decided enough was enough, he wasn’t worth the tears, and I had a life to make into what I wanted it to be.

Third, I shortly after that met someone terrific.  I really didn’t think I’d find anyone or that I’d settle down with someone else again but I did.  I remarried this past June, had a wonderful honeymoon, moved again, and have finally settled in (as evidenced, we finally hung up artwork in the living room so that makes it finally official, right?).

And fourth and last, I ran across my stack of cartoons the other day and remembered – hey, oh yeah, I’m supposed to be putting these up on my site.  Whooooops!

I am truly sorry to you guys.  I did intend to keep up with this because I have at least 2 reams of copy paper with cartoons drawn on them and we haven’t even scratched the surface of my time with the state.  So I will be finding a way to now scan them and resume the publishing schedule.  I apologize.  It was just a whole lot of life in a short span of time but I made it through, I have a lot more to share, and I hope you’re still with me as I do.

I’ll try to pick up next Tuesday, December 6, with a new cartoon.  I hope you’re all well.  Peace!


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